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Nachtwerk is a organization that creates events for young influentials, they asked me to design two elements for two different venues. The first element was to be a dj-booth measuring six by one meter that could be set up within 2 minutes on the main-stage of the concert gebouw Amsterdam, a structure built in 1888 in the style of the Viennese Classicists. 

The second second element an eye catching backdrop for an event to be held at the Spoorweg museum Utrecht. Suggestion was to conceive a stackable building module that can be configured in a great variation of constellations thereby being suitable for various occasions.

Conversation Market
When: 6 July 2013
Where: Hoog Catharijne
                “The economy is something we do,
           not just something that does things to us.”

Conversation Market tests the idea of “community economies”, a theory proposed by US and Australian economist and urban geographers Julie Graham and Katherine Gibson. It is the first public manifestation of a long-term artistic research project by Casco that seeks to find a new social economic project(s) in the city of Utrecht, in collaboration with Kritische Studenten Utrecht (KSU). 

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