le Ryan

Ryan van Beurden – also known as le Ryan – is an Amsterdam based designer, maker, builder, cabinetmaker and an unlicensed architect dedicated to creating one-off objects and custom designed environments.


The foundation of much of le Ryan’s knowledge is autodidactic and practice-based, underpinned by courses at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and working with Leonid Tsvetkov at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.

le Ryan is continuously investing time to keep pace with and stay abreast of developments/trends in the world of architecture. Currently Le Ryan is taking part in a professional, interactive course given by Harvard’s Lorena Lehman.


In his projects, le Ryan applies state of the art design tools such as Archicad BIM Modelling, Rhino, Sketch Up Pro, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign combined with more traditional skills such as hand drafting and hand fabricated prototyping.


le Ryan doesn’t favor a fixed style. Each project starts with a clean sheet of paper – not with a predefined design formula.


Honesty, simplicity and genuineness are essential qualities that form the backbone of harmonious, well-crafted work.

Slow design quick build. Taking the time to imagine and approach the design from multiple perspectives in order to create harmonious objects that enhance their environment in a lasting way.


The focal point is looking for low-cost solutions, integrating inexpensive local materials. Pivotal is being content with honest things as beautiful and simple as they can be.